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It's a great emotion when you get to see your bundle of joy walking all across the house. As soon as they get a bit grasp over their balance, parents tend to gift them colorful tricycles. These tricycles play a significant role in the physical and intellectual development of your child. Tricycles help your kids indulge in physical activity. They gradually tend to learn cycling and have lots of fun during this entire learning process. Watching your munchkin cycling without any inhibition in your green lawn is indeed a great feeling that no one wants to miss.

We have a diverse collection of baby tricycles that are extremely popular among the kids and their parents. Our highly attractive baby tricycles have made Babyjoys a renowned name in every household. Parents prefer to gift their kids Babyjoys tricycles to make their childhood all the more vibrant and colorful. Babyjoys has indeed become an integral part of every kid's childhood. We have two different varieties of baby tricycles – one with parental control and one without parental control. The tricycle that we offer with parental control is quite useful for the beginning phase. You can use it when your kid has just started cycling. Your hold and support will make him feel safe and comfortable. Later on, when he gets used to it, you can buy him one without parental control.


  1.        These are made of high-quality plastics.
  2.        Available in multiple designs, shapes, and patterns.
  3.        Colorful, vivid, and attractive.
  4.        Extremely comfortable to ride.
  5.        Tested on all parameters of safety.
  6.        Absolutely affordable pricing.
  7.        Very minimum maintenance required.
  8.        There are no sharp edges.
  9.        Can be adjusted according to the height of your kid.
  10.        Five stars rated
  11.        Allows support and easy balancing
  12.        Durable and robust built
  13.        Extremely lightweight so that your kids can handle them easily.