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Baby Pillow (Pink)

Soft Baby Pink Pillow-Pink – During the initial days, for a baby, his or her bed set means the most. Are you looking for a soft cuddly pillow for your baby? If yes, then you must try this ultra-soft baby pink pillow for your little one.
SKU: BJ023
₹ 399.00 incl tax


1. The pillow is incredibly soft and squishy

2. It is made up of breathable premium material

3. Keeps the position of the child’s neck intact.

4. Helps the little one to sleep for longer hours in comfort.

5. The pillow is visually appealing and attractive

6. The filling inside the pillow is soft and of high quality.

Technical Details:-

  1. Product Material: Cotton
  2. Product Colour: Baby Pink
  3. Product Dimension: 39*5*21
  4. Preferred Gender: Unisex

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