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Story Books For Kids

Children are like a sponge who imbibe and grasp whatever is told to them. Therefore, a small child can learn as much is taught to him or her. For this reason, children’s storybooks are essential not only to ameliorate the vocabulary and the speaking skills but also to widen their imaginations beyond the normal capacity. They help to widen the horizon of thinking amongst the students. Storybooks act as a bridge between the life and success of the child. When the child crosses through this bridge of reading storybooks, he or she reaches the success.

Our company keeps the necessary advantages and fringe benefits of the storybooks in mind. It is selling many relevant storybooks for the children of the age group between 1 to 10 years. The storybooks provided by our company are streets ahead then the storybooks provided by other sites because these books have the required content needed to widen and broaden the imagination of the kids at an early age, which would unequivocally render them benefits for their future.

The books provided by us have good, interesting, and knowledgeable stories that would enable the children to even acquire the moral values of friendship, honesty, caring, sharing, etc. at an early age which further enable them to become a good human being later in their life. The price of the storybooks is very cheap, affordable, and economical, so the people of all income groups can benefit from them. The price ranges from rupees 40 to rupees 180. The wide variety of stories provided by us enables the children to choose from a wide range according to their interests and preferences. Reading also helps the children to boost their confidence and develop great oral and aural skills. So, why wait when you are getting the storybooks at such amazing prices!

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Doug The Pug

doug the pug

Fun with Phonics' is an incredible new arrangement of early books.
₹ 110.00 incl tax
Jumbo The Jet

jumbo the jet

jumbo the jet-Fun with Phonics' is an incredible new arrangement of early books.
₹ 110.00 incl tax
Kip And His Zip

kip and his zip

kip and his zip-Fun with Phonics' is an incredible new arrangement of early books.
₹ 110.00 incl tax
Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Goldilocks and the three

Goldilocks and the three-A little girl walks into a cottage uninvited. She gets fascinated to see three of everything in the house. She also gets to see, unexpectedly. The owners of the house.
₹ 90.00 incl tax
The Gingerbread Man Book

The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man-The freshly baked gingerbread man escapes from the oven and runs out of the house. He outruns all those who want a piece of him. Find out what happens to him when he meets the fox that promises to carry him across the river.
₹ 90.00 incl tax
Baby Heidi Store Book


Heidi-A heartwarming tale of a young girl who wants to live in the mountains than to live in the town. When she returns, so does her friend. Find out how living close to nature proves to be magical for both girls.
₹ 90.00 incl tax