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Shipping & returns

Privacy policies of Babyjoys
Baby joy is the site that always takes care of its customers and works to make the buying
experience easy and hassle-free. Here are the privacy features that apply to baby joys products.
Guidelines for returning an item: Return, Pick up and Self Ship
If you have bought any product and wish to return it, you can always go for the return option. It
should be taken care of that the products under the return window will only be allowed to return.
If the product is not under the return condition, you won't be able to use this option.
The buyer can return the product only if the buyer's product is in a damaged condition or has
some defect in it.
How to return the product?
If you wish to return the product, then you can always go for this option. All you have to do is to
visit your orders and click on the return option.
What are the return policies?
Below listed are the return policies of the baby joys.
● Your address of picking up the product and the product you wish to return must be eligible for
the return.
● In case the return facility is not available at your place, you can make use of the Self-return
option. This is available in the pickup is not available at your place.
● Once the product is returned and received, you will get the refund to the original payment
Those buyers who have opted for the cash on delivery option will receive the refund in their
bank account.
Return Pickup 
This is the option that is available for the buyers where there are no restrictions related to
shipping. The eligible item and address should come under the no restriction one. In case the
address has limitations, then you can go for the self-ship option. By the return, the refund will be
received in your account once the seller notifies the receipt of the return.
In case the return pickup is not available, then you can avail of the self-ship option. You can self-
ship the product by going for any courier packaging. This will need to initiate the below-listed
return documentation.
● Place the invoice for the item inside the return package.
● Declaration about the reason for the return of the product, details of items, and other things.
● Paste on the return package the label of tracking barcode.
This documentation will be available at the Return Centre of the company.

● It is unnecessary to go for a printed declaration; you can always go for a handwritten
Where can you view your return status?
You can always track the status of the product for return. All you have to do is to visit your
orders and then select the return status. This will enable you to track the status of your return.
Time is taken to get the refund. 
In case you have applied for the return of the product, you can expect the refund maximum
between 8-10 working days. Each one doesn't need to receive a refund in 10 days; many times,
the refund is credited in even 2-4 working days.
Once the seller notifies us about completing the return, the refund will be credited in your
Can the order be replaced?
In case you have received the product in a damaged or defective condition, or the received
product is different from the one in the description, you go for the replacement option.

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