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Reasons Adults Should Have Stuffed Animals Too

Reasons Adults Should Have Stuffed Animals Too

You must have heard many times, that stuffed animals such as penguin plush, penguin soft toy, penguin teddy bear is not only meant for kids, but even for adults. If you are also confused about how adults can make use of stuffed animals, then don’t worry, we are here to discuss the same with you. Keep Reading!


Before jumping into the reasons, let us first know what stuffed toys or animals is. A toy doll is made up of an outer fabric sewed from the textile and is stuffed with flexible material, i.e., cotton. In Australia and Britain, they are known by different names such as stuffed animals, plushies, plush toys, stuffiest, and soft toys. Various examples of stuffed toys are Penguin plush or elephant soft toy, etc.

7 Reasons why adults should also have stuffed toys:

Now, as we got the idea of the stuffed animals, let us now move to reasons. Seven reasons why adults should also have stuffed toys are listed below:

Brings a sense of Security: As stated by Margaret Van Ackeren, a licensed therapist, most adults sleep with the stuffed animals as it reduces negative feelings, such as anxiety, depression, and loneliness, and it assures them of security. However, if things are not going well, it is essential to have a sense of security because it helps the person overcome more successfully.

Helps in easing Loneliness: In this generation, though people surround the adults, the world seems lonely. It has also been proved that although we get more and more linked to the internet and social media platforms, we are lonely from the inside. However, stuffed animals cannot replace the social role that humans play in our lives but can help in recovering from the isolation and loneliness and also helping us to overcome this lonely and interconnected modern world.

Improves Mental Health: According to a study, stuffed animals have helped many patients recover with the styles of disorganised attachments and helped to rebuild the impaired attachments and bonds. Being able to build emotional attachments helps people in living happier and more prosperous lives. Stuffed animals are also preferred in psychotherapy and for the people who are suffering from bipolar, PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), and various other mental disorders, as said by Dr Aniko Dunn. Stuffed animals are regarded as an incredible gift.

Helps in Grieving: Stuffed animals like Penguin soft toy represent a connection or a bond to a loved one who has passed. It gives way through the grieving and helps ease the loss of the person who died and was close to us. You can also order the Memory Bears to sew a teddy bear with the cloth of your deceased family member or friend so that you can get connected to their memories more firmly. They offer a permanent source of comfort.

Helps in healing from Trauma: Stuffed animals like Penguin teddy bear are used in various therapies. It is used in some kinds of re-parenting in which the trauma survivor learns to love the stuffed animals and care for it and also or himself, and thus it helps in recovering the patients from the traumatic experiences in childhood. Due to this, self-esteem and happiness increases in the patients who are suffering from trauma, and according to Rose M. Barlow, a psychologist professor at the University of Boise State, "Animals stuffed or live aids the therapy for adults and children by providing a way to express and experience emotions, and a feeling of unconditional support and grounding.

Reminds us of Childhood: Nostalgia is a psychological state of "pleasant remembering." Those memories which feel nostalgic result in self-esteem and make us happier, and the pleasant memories make us feel more connected to our families and friends and provides us with a sense of continuing the life that sometimes seems chaotic to us. Nostalgia helps us to overcome the fear, i.e., the fear of death.

Dr Christine Batcho, a professor of Psychology at Lemoyne College, says that nostalgia helps to deal with changes. She also says that it is very comforting to have a feeling of nostalgia which reminds us that though we do not know what the future will bring to us, what we do know is the thing who we have been and also who we are. They give us a path to pamper ourselves with the past happy memories and feelings when we need them the most.

Helps in reducing stress:
It has been proved by various studies that whether it is a stuffed animal or a real one, they help us to reduce stress. It keeps us happier and healthier. Moreover, the aromatherapeutic stuffed animals and weighted stuffed animals are primarily designed to help to relieve stress by giving a double dose of comfort from your Penguin stuffed toy.


Now, we have to end this article which is the concluding part. Now you have to know the reasons behind giving soft toys to adults, and this should be normalised for every person, i.e., from a small child to the old generation. Hence, adults are also the ones who can use stuffed animals.


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