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Pillows and Cushions

A baby pillow seems to be an ordinary product, but it is a very useful product for small babies. So, this article is very consequential for all the parents out there. A baby of three months or more needs a pillow so as to maintain the bending of the spine of the infant psychologically.  The length and breadth of the cushion also influence the choice of buying the suitable type pf pillow. It provides comfort to the baby who sleeps for more than 18 hours a day.

A baby who sleeps without a pillow increases the possibility of flat head syndrome. The type of pillow also sways the sleeping pattern of the child. Hence, it is overriding for the parents to remain cautious before purchasing the right type of cushions and pillows.

Our company provides you with the best quality and most suitable pillows, which unequivocally ensure that even temperature is distributed around the head of the baby and thus, improve the blood circulation of the child. The cushions and pillows provided by us are not only comfortable but also stylish, elegant, and swanky. They also tantalize and entice the babies because various cartoons and animals like the elephants, dogs, owls, horses, footballs, squirrel, teddy, goat, crown, dinosaur, cloud, apple, smiling star, bunny, monkey, sheep, cow, bulldog, tiger, kitty, etc. are incorporated on them. The pillows and cushions are available in these animal shapes, as well as in rectangle shapes along with these cartoons and animals incorporated on them. A wide variety of our pillows and cushions lets you purchase the pillow according to your child’s preference. This wide variety also allows you to choose the perfect and ideal sized pillow for your child. The cute animals and cartoons on the pillows and cushions, along with the affordable prices ranging between rupees 399 to rupees 499, makes the product a must-buy for all the parents!

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Picture of Star Pillow (blue)

Star Pillow (blue)

Star Pillow Blue: Make your little one feel all secure and comfortable with this star-shaped pillow in the shape blue. This pillow helps the development of the child’s head and avoids the baby’s to disgorge their heads while sleeping.
₹ 499.00 incl tax
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