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Pillow Round Cushion-30cm

Pillow Round Cushion-30cm -It’s time to get your virtual emotions into reality with this Round cushion in the shade bright yellow for your little one. Grab this alluring looking smiley cushion and Increase the quotient of quirkiness in your toddler’s room.
SKU: bj181
₹ 399.00 incl tax


  1. Attractive looking which helps to make the baby sleep faster.
  2. Decently sized and makes it easy to carry.
  3. Can be used for multiple purposes. Such as used as a cushion in the living room or as a pillow for the baby.
  4. Made of delicate and premium quality material.
  5. Adorable cuddling companion for the baby. 
  6. Made of extremely soft and delicate material
  7. Helps to encourage better blood circulation while sleeping
  8. Helps the baby to sleep for longer hours.

Technical Features:

  1. Product Size: 35 cm
  2. Product Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 5 cm
  3. Product Colour: Yellow
  4. Battery Included: No


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