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Penguin Soft Plush Toy

Penguin Soft Plush Toy-Penguins is a child’s weakness. There can be no cuter creature on earth than a Penguin. Get a penguin-shaped excessively soft combo stuff toy for your toddler and make his day bright and happy.
SKU: BJ258
₹ 999.00


  1. Made with a perfect proportion of the size, which gives an asymmetric look.
  2. Made of delicate fabric that is filled with polyester.
  3. Easy to handle as it is launder-able at home
  4. Extremely alluring to look at
  5. A child’s best squishy partner while playing or sleeping.
  6. Affordable combo as per the requirement
  7. Both eyes and beak are made up of soft material and not plastic
  8. Small in size which is easily managed by the child

Technical Details:

1. Preferred Gender: Unisex

2. Outside Material: Cotton

3. Inside Fur: Non-Toxic Polyester

4. Colour: Shades of Blue & Black

5. Height: 18 cm & 30 cm

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