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The quality of sleep for an infant plays a significant role in the burgeoning of the nervous system. To solve this paramount problem of sleep, we have a phenomenal and mind-boggling product for all the parents out there! This product, popularly known as a crib, is a comfortable and suitable mattress for babies. A crib is of utmost importance for the babies because a baby sleeps for almost 18 hours a day. He/she spends most of the time in the mattress. It is the most important piece of furniture required for a child and provides the safest sleeping environment for a child. So, a crib should be free from the harmful smell of paints and glue. It should be cozy and restful enough for the child to enjoy a comfy sleep.

The mattresses of our company are sympatico and sympathique, which ensures that the child is given pleasurable experience while sleeping. We provide you with vibrant and light-colored mattresses that are suitable for different types of children. The mattresses are produced in small as well as large size. The printed design on the mattress allures and entices the baby and gives a refreshing vibe. The light pink colored mattress gives a sense of comfort to the child. The comfortable mattress of the crib, along with a small pillow is a perfect cozy place for the child to spend his/her time.

The features of the right mattress are:

  • The side rails of the crib should not be able to move. The drop-side rails are banned by the CPSC.
  • The distance between the slats must not be more than 6 centimeters. This ensures that the head of the baby does not get stuck between the slats.
  • The mattress should be firm and should spring back on pressing it. A soft mattress increases the possibility of SIDS.

Our mattress provides you with all the above features and is a perfect product and is surely worth every penny spent!