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Yellow Fur Teddy 35cms

Yellow Fur Teddy 35cms-Dogs is the best friend of humans. A child’s weakness is to play with a dog. If you can’t get him or her a real dog, gift your baby a beautiful stuff toy in shape Fur Teddy 35cms. This stuffed toy is made of premium quality delicate material.
SKU: BJ254
₹ 399.00 incl tax


  1. One of the most adorable present to gift your little one
  2. Extremely lightweight and easy to carry and lift.
  3. Made of premium non-toxic fabric and 100% natural
  4. The look is captivating enough to keep the child busy
  5. Helps in acting as a companion during playtime or sleep time.
  6. Very appealing to the eyes
  7. The stuffed toy is very delicate in appearance
  8. Can be carried while traveling 

Technical Details:

  1. Product Colour: Yellow
  2. Material Used: Polyester
  3. Preferred Minimum age: 6 Months
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