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Dinosaur Dragon -Blue

Dinosaur Dragon -Blue-This little tiny dinosaur is a perfect pick for birthdays, Christmas, or any other occasion. Its glamorous looks bring an instant smile on a child’s face. It’s extremely handy and joyous.
SKU: BJ588
₹ 499.00 incl tax


  1. Effortlessly manageable
  2. This toy is compact and requires no space
  3. Can enhance the look of your child’s room
  4. The perfect partner to snuggle with
  5. Can be washed easily
  6. The toy is made with superior quality materials
  7. It is brilliantly designed and structured
  8. Brings a cheerful mood to your kids
  9. Materials used to make this toy are harmless for your child
  10. They’re soft and fluffy

Technical details of the product:-

  1. Product size: Small
  2. Product material: Plush and cotton for solace contact
  3. Product stuffing: High-quality filling
  4. Product type: Soft
  5. Age Group: 1 to 3 years
  6. Gender: Unisex
  7. Color: Dragon -Blue


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