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Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use:
Before availing the benefits and buying the product from baby joys, you should look at the
conditions of Baby joys website. Using the site indicates your agreement with the site and
consent that you accept all the terms and conditions required to be followed by you when using
BabyJoys. This means that you are subjected to follow all the guidelines of "Conditions of Use "
of the site.
The terms and conditions are not subjected to any physical approval. They are electronically
generated and have a record of all the "Conditions of Use" abiding by the law.
Conditions related to the use of Baby Joys site.
● Account:
If you are making use of the website, then it is your responsibility to maintain your account's
privacy. The account details and password should be confidential by you. By accessing the site,
you permit yourself to be responsible for all the activities done by your account. It is the buyer's
responsibility to keep the information confidential, and in case you fail or feel like someone will
or is using your account, you should make a point to notify us immediately, with the complete
and correct details. You can update the information provided to us by clicking on the information
● Privacy:
In case you are using the website, all your information provided by you will be considered
confidential and apply to all the laws. In case you object conditions and feel the personal data is
being transferred, you should not use the site. Because while using the site, you are bound to
agree on the terms of the site and not use it for any other wrong purpose.
● E platform: 
The e-commerce site is strictly an electronic platform of communication that allows you to buy
the products. The contract will be between the buyer and the seller on the Babyjoys website,
which needs to be followed.
● License:
 The access of the information is to the seller and can be used by you if licensed by the seller. All
the conditions of use and terms apply to buyers and sellers. Anything about the website cannot
be reproduced or reused by any other site, as it is licensed only to the site's users.
No one is allowed to use the trademark and other things, including the rules and regulations and
sentences. These things strictly belong to the baby joys site.
● Conduct of the user
As you are using the site, you have agreed to follow the baby joys website's rules. It is your
responsibility to take care that you don't break any rule or use the website for any wrong

The users are expected to abide by the site lawfully and should not, in any way, damage,
interrupt, or interfere with the site unlawfully.
The users cannot use the site for fraudulent purposes or for carrying out any criminal activities.
● Reviews:
Baby joy allows the buyers to post their comments, reviews, and other things to communicate.
They are also free to submit the ideas and suggestions, unless and until the content published is
In case the content is found to be abusive, threatening, or objectionable, then the site reserves the
right to take action against it. They can delete, edit, and remove such contents and users.