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Butterfly Bag -blue

BUTTERFLY BAG (BLUE): Which child does not like to own some funky and quirky looking adorable bags? All of them do. Surprise your child with the cute little butterfly bags in the shade blue and see them get happy all around. The Butterfly attached to the bag pack behind gives the bag even a better and captivating look.
SKU: bj076
₹ 499.00 incl tax

About product-:

Here comes Babyjoys Bag for your charming ones which will without a doubt be loved by them Its made of delicate plushy texture. Baby joy Provide Premium quality sacks which are non-poisonous and made up of delicate velvet in light of the fact that our need is to give the best and excellent packs rucksack to your children. This Attractive School pack is custom-fitted remembering a child's rushed school remaining burden. It is so extensive, popular, and appealing that your school going youngsters will love to convey. It isn't just unrivaled in quality and completion yet additionally truly tough and reasonable. It has been explicitly made with the end goal of issue-free carriage of books by small kids. This school sack's predominant quality and completion of forestalls spinal pains in little youngsters. This brilliant shaded charming looking sack is generally an excellent alternative for guardians to convey helpful things like garments of newly conceived or little children in a simple manner. Children love this pack and convey in school or family excursion with every one of their treats. It has an enormous compartment with zip opening and back ties with a little handle. This sack is extremely decent and valuable to be skilled to little kids. It is strong, lightweight, and of high caliber. So make your child/girl or niece/nephew content with this sack.


Non-dangerous and delicate texture great quality and launderable

Delicate toy school sack for children, voyaging pack, convey sack, cookout pack, teddy sack

Exceptionally alluring to cause you to have a positive sentiment constantly, blessing this delicate, smooth and cuddly teddy as an extraordinary blessing to your adored one

Perfect for Preschool and Nursery Kids.

Highlight – Non-lethal, delicate and Skin Friendly Fabric gives an awesome look. Light in Weight and customizable knapsack ties.

Product information-:

Material Fabric
Inner Material Fabric


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