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Brown Teddy with I Love

Brown Teddy with I Love -Children love flowers and teddy, then why not give your child a combo which contains both teddy and flowers? Grab this charming teddy bear combo which comes with a flower in hand in the shade Blush.
SKU: bj071
₹ 699.00 incl tax


  1. Beautiful looking which is appealing to the eyes
  2. Made of delicate material which is skin-friendly
  3. Can be laundered at home
  4. The teddy bear is extremely lightweight and perfect touse by the child  
  5. A great huggable companion for your baby
  6. Helps to keep your baby engaged throughout.
  7. Makes the baby room look really lively.
  8. Helps in keeping your baby’s mood elated.

Technical Features:

  1. Product Weight: 299 g
  2. Product Dimension: 30 x 15 x 26 cm
  3. Product Colour: Brown
  4. Battery Required: Yes
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