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Child First Ride - Baby Tricycle

The Word Ride makes a KID enthusiastic and if we talk about a child own ride a child becomes mad. Whether a child has driven a baby tricycle before or not, But, a child would always like to have a hands-on experience to drive its own first ride. Kids are also very choosy in choosing their first baby tricycle if you take your child along with you purchasing a tricycle then be ready to have a tough time because a child will get fascinated by the colors of tricycle or sometimes by the design of tricycles. Sometimes, Children once sit on tricycle they will never feel like to stand up and you become the laughing stock of the other people as you didn't like tricycle and your child is neither standing up from the tricycle nor it is allowing you to move from that place then, Even the shopkeeper also indulge into it and provide you his advice to purchase this baby tricycle as Kid is liking it or it is suiting a child or the color is great blah blah blah so, that he could sell it to you. And, being a parent it is really difficult for you to make a decision now what to do as all the eyes are watching you including your child, shopkeepers, and customers standing nearby. They all are thinking what kind of parents are they kid is crying so much for the tricycle but they are not purchasing the tricycle and letting the child cry or It may be possible that someone of them may think that parents are greedy because for the sake of children parents can do anything but they are not a buying even a small tricycle for their parents. Nobody thinks from the parent's perspective that the baby tricycle which children want to buy is useless and unworthy. But at that time everybody is making parents a culprit. But, many times it does happen that parents have to surrender in Infront of their child and the same case may happen at the baby tricycle store. A child becomes very happy once you bought the same tricycle child asked for. You entered the first step inside the house child would not allow you to even drink a glass of water and compelled you to open a box and assemble the baby tricycle So, that he could have his first ride. Being unknown that the tricycle he liked is not of superior quality and would ditch him soon, Being unaware of the fact he started enjoying his first ride and happiness he receives is like he has got heaven. But, Soon his happiness gets ended as its tricycle becomes faulty. A child brings the whole home to his head and compels his parents to make tricycle mended as soon as possible. Alas, Parents ha no choice but has to listen to his child. The story remains to continue the same way till the time the child does not move onto from his first ride to some other toy. The World of a kid is also different from the rest of the world. It is full of enthusiasm, truthfulness, energy and millions of dreams and they don't have the cleverness, cunningness or heartlessness which elders have So, Even if they are compelling you to do so. We should do it as an old saying Children is the second avatar of the god.

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