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All in One Baby Walker Buying Guide 2020

When you have a baby at your place, each and every moment in your home turns out to be a happier one! Its smile is more than enough to convert the whole aura of your house into a positive one. Undoubtedly, there are a good number of scenarios which make us laugh and go ‘aww’ with the baby! The most important event out of the memorable ones is none other than the time when it learns to walk. There are many things (whether living or non-living) that play an indispensable part in enabling the baby walk. These include the parents, siblings, and the most important baby walker.

A child walker is no less than a savior, as well as the most fruitful assistance when it comes to a baby’s walk. These allow the kids to move quickly from one place to another, majorly with their efforts. A baby walker is truly going to help your baby walk with no hassle or shortcomings. There are a good number of myths that a kid's walker is associated with. The most common one out of these is none other than it is risky to use. However, that’s not at all the case! Yes, it can prove to be a dangerous thing for your kid if you leave him/her alone with it. But, if you are taking proper care of the kid as well as the baby walker, there are no chances of any risk.


Being a parent, the decision to buy a baby walker online or offline is a confusing task. It’s because there are so many varieties of the same commodity prevalent in the market. All it needs is some knowledge about the kids walker and the right eye to see the best in it. Thus, if you also intend to buy a baby walker, you must have a look at the whole , baby, walker guide 2020 we have come up with. Read on further and gain the best information so that you get perfect assistance while buying a baby walker.

What exactly is the baby walker?

On defining baby walker in its exact definition, it’s none other than a prolific device that helps an infant walk. These are used by babies who cannot walk from one place to another. Presently, there are a good number of modern baby walkers, and they are also meant for toddlers. An infant walker is playing a significant role in the lives of babies, and thus, they are majorly used with no issues.

Baby Walker

Benefits of using a baby walker:

Whenever a child is getting ready to walk, the first thing that strikes every parent’s mind is none other than the kids walker.There is no need for the parents to worry about the baby’s safety since the baby walker has got safety straps. Such straps are quite useful in preventing your child from falling. Apart from that, there is also the existence of the baby walker with wheels with which your baby is going to walk in any direction.

There are multiple advantages associated with a baby walker. You can know about the same below:

  • Parents can indulge in other activities too:

An important reason why are parents indulged in the usage of baby walkers is that they need to spend their time in other things! There are many other necessary tasks prevalent in the house for parents. These include cooking, cleaning, going to the office, and many others. If your child is indulged in putting up efforts for walking on its own with the help of a baby walker, you can focus on other things.

Kids Walker

  • Enhancing the sense of independence in your kids:

The most important and delightful moment being a parent shall be none other than seeing your kid witness moving. As you see your baby crawl, your restriction starts getting even more with a fear that your baby doesn’t fall while moving. But, if you have a baby walker by your side, you are going to set him somewhat free. This leads to an enhancement of your kid’s liberty to move from one place to another. Apart from that, a sense of confidence is also going to pop up in your child while using the kid walker.

  • A source of fun and enjoyment for kids:

You should know that a baby walker is no less than a toy for your kids. It is because there are multiple kinds of baby walkers available and that too in different designs. You can have a look at the Panda Baby walker, Chicco Baby walker,, and many other types in the marketplace. Your baby is surely going to get excited when he is going to stand on his feet with the help of a walker. The sensation of rolling around is surely going to be an amazing experience for the baby.

Babies Walker

Features of a baby walker:

The features associated with a child walker are most probably the most prominent as well as favorable ones. Thus, they are purchased by a huge chunk of the population worldwide. Just in case you are planning to buy a kids walker, you should definitely look out for the following features in it. These are way too significant, and you must pay attention to them apart from focusing on the baby walker price. Give a glance to some of them mentioned below:

  • Wheel locks

Undoubtedly, you are going to purchase a baby walker with wheels. However, the priority doesn’t end here. You should also ensure that there is an existence of wheel locks on the baby walker. It would see to it that the baby is not able to wander on its own to any direction. It is known as a quite handy feature that is quite beneficial for parents since they are able to keep their kids at a preferred place with the wheel locks.

  • Broader base

While searching for the best baby walker online or offline, you should check out its base. A typical walker would always contain a wider base. It is used to minimize the risk of the baby’s toppling during the event of his/her practice of moving.

  • Presence of toys

If you want to gather the attention of babies, your baby walker must mandatorily comprise of a toy. Apart from that, the colors and designs on it should be enough to grab the baby’s attention. It is going to enhance the development of the baby’s mental and physical health. Also, you shall have to note that the toys on the baby walker match with your kid’s age.

Babies Walker

At what age baby walker can be used?

The moment a baby starts crawling, the next step is undoubtedly going to be the ‘baby walk.’ A baby walker plays an important role in such a case! Thus, a baby walker can be best used by a kid when he is aged between 4 to 16months. During this age, the babies gain an ability to keep their feet on the floor with no hassle. Later on, when your kid learns how to walk on his own, he/she is no longer going to need any kind of walker by his side.

Precautions while using a baby walker:

Baby walkers are undoubtedly the perfect assistance that your baby is going to attain during his crawling period.Being a responsible parent, there exists a need for you to take a good number of precautions while your kid is indulged in the usage of these walkers. These precautions are quite important when it comes to your child’s safety. Here are some of these precautions for you to keep in mind. Have a look:

  •   A walker-friendly home is a must:

Baby walkers have an ability to roll, and also, your baby is going to feel at the seventh cloud while using them. Thus, your whole house should have a proper space as well as other favorable characteristics for keeping a baby walker. Following things have to be kept in mind when it comes to having a walker-friendly house:

  • Stairs of your house should not be in the room or area where the baby is 
      present with the baby walker.
  •  There should be no sharp edges or any other kinds of keels at your house.
  •  The floors of your house should be smooth so that the baby walks on it
     without getting hurt.
  •  Your house must have a good space for the baby to walk with the baby 
  • Ensure that you’re ready or not:

Many questions arise in the minds of the parents about whether their baby’s age is perfect for using a baby walker or not. Your boy should have the best baby boy walker, but it should fulfill each and every requirement. You should be aware of the proper set age that is required for the usage of a walker.

Apart from that, the growth rate of your baby is also going to be the most important factor that shall decide whether he’s ready or not. Having a crawling ability stands as the most important factor when it comes to getting ready for using a kid walker.

  • Supervision stands necessary:

For preventing any injuries or accidents of the babies from falling, parental supervision is a must. It is quite important that you should also keep away the other accessible stuff from the reach of your babies.

Tips to keep in mind while purchasing a baby walker:

There are many kinds of baby walkers, whether you are searching for them online or offline. You can also prefer a Chicco baby walker for your baby since they are quite favored nowadays! Many also consider it as the jogging walker since it makes it quite easier for the baby to take further steps. There are a good number of brands that sell baby walkers online and that too at affordable prices. These include Baby walker Amazon, Baby walker Firstcry, Baby walker Flipkart, and many others. If you want something under your budget, you may also try out the category of ‘Baby walker below 500’.All you need to do is just keep the below-mentioned tips in mind and purchase the best baby walkers.

You can also search out for the Baby walker on Amazon as well as a Baby walker in Flipkart. But, if you’re not at all getting any baby walker as per your requirement, you can try out other online websites too. You can also be a part of the most amazing baby walker offers which keep on coming online quite consecutively. With it, you are going to get the best discounts on your purchase. You just have to search the baby walker under your budget. You may do it while having a look at the baby walker with a price. Once done, you may later see to it whether it’s preferable to buy the same or not. There would be multiple baby walker prices, and you can just filter the search and set your budgeted price range for the commodity.

Here are some of the tips that you should keep in mind while purchasing a baby walker. Give a glance:

  1. Whatever baby walker you intend to buy, you should ensure that it is allowing your baby to maneuver in a hassle-free manner. If the walker is heavy and also, if it contains high friction, there are more chances of your child’s accidents.
  2. The baby walker should have a broader base. It is going to prevent your baby from falling off on the floor.
  3. You should also start searching for the other prevalent safety features on your baby walker. The most important ones out of these include wheel locks, seat belts, and many others.
  4. Your baby walker’s material should not all be hazardous. There shouldn’t be any prevalence of non-toxic paint on it.
  5. While shopping for a baby walker, you should see to it that there is not even a single manufacturing defect in it. Apart from that, there shouldn’t be any rough edges, or the seats should not be uncomfortable.
  6.  Your child should be able to fit in the baby walker.
  7.  A parent must also ensure that he is looking out for the decent kids walker price. It’s because the highly cheaper ones would have some shortcomings too in them. Your kid’s safety is not at all lesser than the price for a baby walker.