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Baby Pillow Butterfly Blue

Baby Pillow Butterfly Blue -Get hands-on the premium quality Baby Pillow Butterfly Blue for your baby right away. Grab these Baby Pillow Butterfly Blue and make the mood of your little one. Let your baby have a relaxing sleep time without any snooze or disturbance in the most comfortable way.
SKU: BJ044
₹ 399.00 incl tax


  1. Perfect size which can easily fit in a handbag.
  2. Attractive looking Baby Pillow Butterfly Blue
  3. Molds easily to the neck to and from.
  4. Made of fragile and delicate material
  5. Perfect for usage during long traveling hours
  6. Helps the baby to sleep for longer hours
  7. Increases the blood circulation level while sleeping
  8. Easy to maintain as launderable at home

Technical Features:

1. Product Shape: Baby Pillow Butterfly Blue

2. Product Colour: Blue

3. Product Dimensions: 38 x 30 x 10 cm

4. Product Weight: 249 g

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