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Rocking Chair - Orange

ROCKING CHAIR: Want to see your babysitting on a rocking thrown? Then there cannot be a better way than making you babysit on this unique baby rocking chair. This is one of the most comfortable chairs and at the same time very safe for the baby to sit on it and have a gala time.
SKU: Bj193
₹ 799.00


 1. Easy to Maintain: This baby rocking chair is super easy to wash and store. You will not have to out in extra efforts for its maintenance.

2. Safe: This baby rocking chair has an excellent grip which protects the baby from falling.

3. Captivating in Looks: This baby rocking chair is beautiful.

4. Quality Material: The material used for making the baby rocking chair is ‘Premium Plastic’ which is of high quality. The material helps in making the child super comfortable

5. Perfect Balance: The balance of this baby rocking chair is on point. The balance is made using the unique science of balance.

6. The rocking chair is extremely durable and can go on for years

7. Does not really require a lot of heavy maintenance


Technical Details:

  1.       Product Colour: Orange
  2.       Material Used: Plastic
  3.       Product Capacity: Standard

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