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Baby Pillow Duck

Baby Pillow Duck -A creative looking cow printed stuffed cushion pillow for your toddler. This happy Pillow Duck can be a great extension and value addition to your toddler’s fun room filled with quirky toys.
SKU: BJ051
₹ 499.00 incl tax


  1. Made of very delicate material that is easy on the skin of the baby.
  2. he Ducks stuffed pillow is totally launder-able at home.
  3. Attractive and captivating to the eyes.
  4. Small in size and can fit into a bag easily.
  5. Eyes are not made of plastic which avoids the child from getting hurt.
  6. The fur of the pillow is extremely soft
  7. The pillow Is made in such a way which helps to increase the blood circulation
  8. The grip of the pillow properly holds the head of the delicate head of the baby 

Technical Details:

  1. Material Used: Cotton
  2. Preferred Age Group: The age of the baby should be between 0-12 months
  3.  Batteries Required: No

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