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Activity Walker Green

SKU: BJ002
₹ 699.00

Baby walkers are undoubtedly considered to be the best way to motivate your child to stand and walk on his own. Our action baby walker is one of the most prolific baby walkers present in the market. With its aesthetic appeal and safe to use the body, you would never have to worry about your kid's safety. Apart from that, its colorful lighting,as well as soothing music, would grab your baby's attention in no time. The kid is surely going to love the action baby walker.

On comparing the action baby walker green to the other brands, it is incredibly
comfortable for the babies. The kids can use it effortlessly, and there would be a time when they shall not even need anyone's help to operate it. It is the perfect assistance in facilitating the child with notable support and in balancing the locomotion. Also, this walker keeps your kid away from any risk of falling or slipping. The product is rated with 4-5 stars by our customers since they are highly satisfied with its usage.


  •  It is made out of plastic and non-
     lethal material.
  •  It draws the baby’s attention and
     entertains in the finest manner.
  •  It comes inclusive of the ice-voice
     tray and moving roller.
  •  Highly comfortable for babies and
     reliable performance.
  •  Soft as well as durable material.
  •  It is colorful, and thus, your 
     baby's going to have the
     best time while using it.
  • It has no sharp edges ensuring the baby's safety.
  • It has colorful lighting and a soothing music to entertain the kid.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • No batteries required for its operation.
  • It adapts easily with the way and play of your child.
  • It has got two toys in one i.e.; it's an infant walker along with an action focus.
  • The walker comes with a wide frame for a child's safety.
  • It is easy to clean.

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